Steel Core Gun Belts

Steel Core Gun Belt, What does that mean?! Steel Core means we take two layers of full grain leather and place a piece of stainless steel core between the two full pieces of it to create a super stiff gun holster belt. The Steel Core is made of Spring Steel and coated with anti-rust laminate that is placed between the double layers.  Our Steel Core Ultimate Concealed Carry belts are made of Italian Leather, Harness Leather, Bullhide Harness Leather. Harness leather is the toughest leathe making it the perfect steel gun belt. When carrying a concealed weapon outside the waist band OWB or inside the waistband IWB you want to ensure you are buying high quality leather that will not roll out or sag from the weight of the holster. These reinforced gun belts can carry your concealed weapon, firearm, maglite, sheath, cuff case, knife or all of the above! The Bullhide leather is tanned with a harness leather formula making it the ultimate concealed carry belt. If you are carrying a pistol as open carry or concealed carry this is the best design for a belt that will keep you pistol in place and close to your body. Buy USA made premium leather belts! Buy trusted steel core gun belts that will last for years and years. Check out our 5 STAR Reviews!! These steel lined belts include a 10 year guarantee.