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Work Belts

These handmade work belts are all made for everyday use by cowboys, ranchers, or working men. All of these handmade belts are quality made and are built to last. Conveniently, these leather work belts all have Chicago screws so you can easily put on your favorite buckle or a classy trophy buckle. The leather used in all of these belts is saddle skirting, english bridle or latigo leather from Wickett and Craig tannery in America.


Our quality work belt is handmade in America. Every work belt is made with care in our shop and are sure to please. These good looking  work belts are made using durable leather and are built to last for the toughest of your jobs. Unlike Chinese manufactured belts, our work belts won't come apart or easily wear out, but are sure to last you many years. We make a variety of great leather work belts including oiled and waxed leather belts, concho belts, latigo belts, embossed belts, and harness leather belts. All of these top quality belts are built for your specific tough jobs. The oiled and waxed belts are durable and long lasting, and will not fall apart. The same is true for all of our tough work belts. These belts are not going to wear out easily, but can withstand a lot, making them great work belts. All of our belts come with a ten year guarantee and we know that you will love them! There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on these belts. These  leather belts make great gifts for men, whether friends, family, or yourself! All of our top quality belts are made in America, using quality American tanned leather. Quality made, using quality leather, equals a great belt. To purchase your own heavy leather belt, check out our large selection above! Buy one of these great handmade leather work belts today!