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Men's Steel Core Leather Gun Belt, Heavy Duty Concealed Carry CCW Leather Belt, 14 oz 1 of 100% USA Premium Full Grain Leather,

SKU: 9002
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This 1 1/2” Heavy Duty Steel Core Leather Gun Belt made by YourTack is 14oz of 100% USA Full Grain Leather. Our steel core Bullhide belt is maximum weight-bearing as the Steel Core is made of Spring Steel and coated with anti-rust laminate that is placed between double layers of harness Leather. The harness leather is hot stuffed to the core with nourishing waxes and tallow’s for an even greater durability, making the leather stiff and firm. This pistol belt will hold any concealed weapon, firearm, maglite, sheath, cuff case, knife or all of the above! The single row of stitching is made of heavy nylon thread that will not wear out or fray. The concealed carry belt has edges are that are beveled and left un-dyed to give a Rustic look. Each heavy duty steel core dress gun belt is accented with an antiqued Solid Brass roller belt buckle. The buckles are attached with two Chicago screws making buckles interchangeable. We ensure a more adjustable fit by providing 9 holes that are spaced with 3/4" inches instead of 1" spacing. The 9 holes makes it easy for you to change from OWB to IWB without a problem. This classic rustic look will match your Lucchese, Twisted X or Justin boots. YourTack makes only high quality leather belts, Don’t buy fabricated leather that will roll out or sag on you from the weight of the holster. We provide a 10 year guarantee. Buy high quality leather goods that are handcrafted in the USA and are guaranteed to last!

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