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Ranger Belts

Our handmade Texas ranger style belts are unique and made of the highest quality leather. Every one of our western ranger belts are not only handmade in our shop in America, but the leather is also tanned right here in the USA. Ranger belts are durable leather belts layered in the front. The Texas ranger style belt originally came from the cinching technique used for horse tack. Cowboys in the 1840s then altered it to leather belts to holster their guns. Therefore, our ranger gun belts are tough and won't easily fall apart.

The Texas ranger style belts that we produce at our shop here in America are all quality made with care. Every single one of our western ranger belts is made using durable leather that won't fall apart easily. Unlike the belts manufactured in China, our ranger style belts are built to last and won't wear out soon after you purchase them. All of our products have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, because we know that you will love your belts! All of our western ranger belts come with a two year guarantee and are sure to please. All of these  belts are made in the USA from leather tanned in the USA as well! We make a variety of styles of ranger belts including a dress ranger style belt, custom ranger name belt, durable ranger work belt, casual ranger belt, tough waxed ranger belt, and a western ranger belt. These handmade ranger belts are sure to suit your every need! Our ranger name belts can be personalized with your own name engraved on the belt. Our ranger dress belts are great to wear with a suit and have a sharp, classy look. Our waxed ranger belts are made durable and tough for your hardest jobs.  Our casual ranger belts are great to wear every day and they have a traditional western look. As you can see, our ranger belts are all made to suit your needs and they are sure to please! Quality leather and quality made equals a great product that will give you years of service. What is a ranger belt? The design of the Texas ranger belt was adopted from a cinching technique used in horse tack that allows a strap to be tightened without pinching the horse's hair in the buckle. This ranger style has carried on throughout the years and is still a classic western style for belts. To find out more about the History of the Ranger Belt, click here! These classy Texas ranger style belts make great gifts for friends, family, or even yourself! Take a look at our selection of quality men's ranger belts above and get one today!