Men's Casual Latigo Leather Belt - 1 1/2" w/Brass Roller Buckle
Men's Casual Latigo Leather Belt - 1 1/2" w/Brass Roller Buckle
Men's Casual Latigo Leather Belt - 1 1/2" w/Brass Roller Buckle

Men's Casual Latigo Leather Belt - 1 1/2" w/Brass Roller Buckle

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Our Latigo Leather Casual & Work Belt line offers you beautiful rich brown colored belt that is both pliable and durable. Suited for Working in fields or just holding up your favorite pair of Levi's. A different leather gives both a different look & feel that you are sure to be satisfied with!

  • Quality American Tanned Leather
  • Quality American Made Leather Belt
  • Pliable Latigo Leather in a Rich Brown Finish

This YourTack work or casual belt is 1 1/2" wide and 10-12oz thick of 100% USA full grain latigo leather. Our latigo leather is chrome vegetable tanned which is eco-friendly and this process makes the leather very strong and flexible with a slight oily texture. The leather belts edges are beveled and dyed with acrylic edge dye. This belt will make the perfect belt for work or casual, as it is very pleasing to the eye. It is accented with a stainless steel roller buckle that is attached with two Chicago screws. This makes it very easy to change into your favorite trophy belt when going out. This can be used as a tool belt, as a plain work belt, or a jean belt and is made up to a 70" waist size. This latigo leather belt is handcrafted in the USA. Buy quality at a price you deserve! Give the perfect gift for any occasion that will brighten any attire, work or play.

Ordering the Correct Size of Belt:

 The simplest way to find your belt size is to select the most comfortable belt that you own. Lay the fully extended belt on a flat surface. Measure the distance, in inches, from the hole that is most comfortable (the hole you buckle it in) to where the belt folds around the buckle. Do not include the length of the buckle. This number is your correct belt size. If the measurement number is an odd size, order the next even size. Example: your belt measures 33 inches, order a size 34 belt.

 belt sizing guide

Ladies, or if you don't have a belt that fits:

 Break out the old measuring tape. This really is important. Don’t try to guess, or assume you wear a certain size, just because the last belt you bought was that size. Instead, break out the measuring tape and measure exactly how and where you like your belt to sit on your hips, making sure to put the tape through your belt loops. When choosing your belt size add some extra inches if you intend to wear the belt on the outside of your shirt.

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