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Double Hole Leather Belt

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You are looking at our multi functional 1 1/2" Men's double hole belt that is the perfect belt for any festival, work uniform or everyday casual wear. This 1 1/2” leather belt is equipped with with a two tongue stainless steel roller buckle (attached by 2 Chicago screws) and is made with 10-12oz of full grain leather. This high quality leather belt is plain with no stitching or embossing. The 2 prong leather belt has two rows of holes that go all the way around the belt. Available in a rich brown or black. This  leather is supple but strong, and will provide years of service. This can be use as a tool belt, as a plain work belt, or a jean belt. This 2 prong leather belt is made up to a 60" waist size. As with all our belts it is made in our shop in America. 

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