Men's Harness Leather Work Belt - 1 1/2" Double Stitched – YourTack
Men's Harness Leather Work Belt - 1 1/2" Double Stitched
Men's Harness Leather Work Belt - 1 1/2" Double Stitched
Men's Harness Leather Work Belt - 1 1/2" Double Stitched
Men's Harness Leather Work Belt - 1 1/2" Double Stitched

Men's Harness Leather Work Belt - 1 1/2" Double Stitched

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This Quality American Made Belt is part of our Work Belt collection, Our work belts are hand dipped in an Oil & Wax combination that preserves the leather and conditions it to avoid drying & cracking giving you a Quality, Pliable, Durable Belt that will serve your needs for years to come.

  • Quality American Tanned Leather
  • Quality American Made Leather Belt
  • Durable Work Belt! Will hold up to your toughest jobs
  • 1 1/2" Nickle Plated Buckle
  • Double Stitched w/ Heavy Duty White Nylon Thread
This quality 1 1/2” double stitched leather work belt is 10-12oz of 100% premium full grain leather that is handcrafted here in the US, with just one piece of leather. This high quality leather work belt will provide you with years of service and is guaranteed to please. It is made from strong skirting leather, which is the leather they use to make custom western saddles with. The edges of this work belt are stitched with two rows of decorative heavy nylon stitching that will not fray. The skirted leather is oiled and waxed to give a supple feel. The buckle is attached with chicago screws so you can put on your western trophy buckle or dress it up with your favorite cowboy button up. Available in Black, Dark Brown and Brown. The Black belt has black stitching, the dark brown has dark brown stitching and the brown belt has white stitching. This will be a wonderful gift for any hard working loved one. This belt looks good, has a great feel and will last for many years. Provide them with a gift of a lifetime. We stand behind our products, as they are tough, durable and guaranteed to last. Buy American made in the USA, Buy YourTack!

10 year guarantee

Ordering the Correct Size of Belt:

 The simplest way to find your belt size is to select the most comfortable belt that you own. Lay the fully extended belt on a flat surface. Measure the distance, in inches, from the hole that is most comfortable (the hole you buckle it in) to where the belt folds around the buckle. Do not include the length of the buckle. This number is your correct belt size. If the measurement number is an odd size, order the next even size. Example: your belt measures 33 inches, order a size 34 belt.

 belt sizing guide

Ladies, or if you don't have a belt that fits:

 Break out the old measuring tape. This really is important. Don’t try to guess, or assume you wear a certain size, just because the last belt you bought was that size. Instead, break out the measuring tape and measure exactly how and where you like your belt to sit on your hips, making sure to put the tape through your belt loops. When choosing your belt size add some extra inches if you intend to wear the belt on the outside of your shirt.

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