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We make a variety of great leather door bells that make wonderful gifts! Simply hang these bells on any door knob and be greeted by a happy jingle every time the door is opened. There are both western door bells for any time of the year or holiday chimes that ring in the holiday season! All of our hanging leather door bells are quality made and are guaranteed to please! Any of these bells make great gifts to friends, family members, coworkers, school teachers, and more! Pick out your favorite hanging door bell below and get one today!
All of the hanging door bells above are perfect gifts for any person in your life! The holiday chimes are all made of quality dyed strap leather and the western bells are made of a durable distressed leather. All of the bells have a ring attached that should fit perfectly on any door knob. Everyone will love the perfect jingle that sounds every time the door is opened, which isn't too loud and isn't too soft. Looking for a great little gift for someone? Buy them one of these bells today and they will surely appreciate it! Get one today!