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Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width

5.00 (18 reviews)
SKU #: 8204

1 1/2" Figure 8 stitched leather mechanics belt. The buckle is leather covered to provide protection to the finish on your car. Some people call it the no scratch belt.The metal plate is sewed between two layers of leather, so there is no metal showing on the outside of the belt, This1 1/2" skirting leather belt is stitched with heavy nylon thread. This belt is oiled and waxed to give it a supple feel and provide year of service. It is made in USA

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 It has a 10 year guarantee, we can do that because it is made in America.The leather is tanned by Wicket and Craig Tannery.

Product Reviews

5.00 Global Rating: 5.00 from 18 reviews
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Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Mechanics belt 5.0 By Gary This belt was all it was described as, and more. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Great Belt 5.0 By Great (mechanics) belt. I had made a mistake in the size I ordered on line but they straightened it out over the phone before shipping. I will order again in 30 or 40 years when this one wears out.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width SHOP OWNER 5.0 By HANK GREAT BELTS
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width great belt 5.0 By Westley Mohnach Its a great belt. Excellent quality leather and stitching. I bought because i needed one for work and i wanted a little style. But when it came in i realized its almost too nice to work in and tear up. So its now another dress belt.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Great belt 5.0 By Been looking for a belt with no buckle bc the metal irritates my skin especially when wkng.this belt prevents any irritation what so ever!
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Mechanics Belt 1 1/2" width 5.0 By michael long A great belt. Extremely well made and it looks as good as the great fit and comfort it has.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Mechanics Belt 5.0 By Alan Washington Love this belt, been wearing this same style belt for over 40 years. The mechanics belt holds up better than any other belt I have owned.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Butch 5.0 By Butch Stewart Very high quality belt. Fast delivery at a good price.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Mechanics Belt 5.0 By Duane High quality; good fit; in stock; speedy delivery service; reasonable cost; a good place to order from. We have searched various stores for months only to find it quickly via the internet. Thanks!
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width MECHANICS BELT 5.0 By Alan James Cox Very high quality belt. The black with white stitching really looks great, parts manager even complemented on it. Everyone else wont say anything even though I know theyre tripping on it as its a real quality improvement to the uniform as pants are black and a blue and black top shirt. you cant beat it for the price. The Snap on belt always rips the leather on the outer pin set and I have had to buy two already in the last two years.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width P. Ryall 5.0 By Pat Ryall My husband has worn a mechanics belt for many years. This one is the best made one he has ever had. Thanks for offering it. We also ordered one for a friend who could not find one as well made.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width mechanics belt 5.0 By William Bowden Excellent product and excellent people to do business with. Have had a lot of compliments on the nice looking belt.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Mechanics Belt 5.0 By Chuck DiGiacomo Great looking belt and very well made. I use so I don't have to worry about scratching the backs of my guitars. Have seen these types of belts before, but not as good looking or as sturdy. The only thing is the smell, which is beginning to go away very slowly
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Customer 5.0 By Donna Shaw Love it...have been looking for this exact belt for at least 3 years!! So glad I found it for my husband. He has had his other one like this for years.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Larry 5.0 By Lawrence Loberg I am very satisfied with the belt purchase. I have not tried out the dress belt, but the mechanic's is great. I am wearing it everyday. I would buy from them again
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width Client 5.0 By Walker Just received the belt. It is a particularly substantial belt and appears to be very well made. Love it after a couple wearings. The tanning process leaves it with a fairly strong odor that I trust will subside in time.
Mechanics Belt 1 1/2'' width OWNER 5.0 By HANK
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