Santa Accessories

These Santa belts are quality made in America using heavy English bridle leather. We make these belts durable and fancy to complete your Santa Claus costume look! In addition to belts, we also have solid buckles to complete your Santa belt and a large Santa key for decoration. We use quality leather for these belts to ensure their durability so they will last for years! All of our Santa accessories come with two year guarantee and a 100% satisfaction. There are two different types of Santa belts that are great to tie together any Santa outfit. We make a heavy leather black Santa belt with fancy holly embossing along the edges, or we make a more simple Santa belt that is stitched along the edges. You can also purchase the buckle separately for another belt! Check out these great looking Santa belts to complete your outfit!


Are you looking for the perfect belt to pull together your Santa outfit? These Santa belts are just right for the job! These belts are quality made in America using durable leather so that it won't easily fall apart. These belts can be used year after year and there is a 100% satisfaction guaranteed! The Santa belts come in sizes 46" to 56" waist size, 56" to 66" waist size, and 66" to 76" waist size. The belts have several holes so that you can get the perfect fit! All the Santa belts come with a large brass buckle that completes the Santa look! Also, we sell the buckle separately if you would like to just buy that. Each Santa belt is 3 and 1/2" wide and is a nice touch to the red and white Santa Claus outfit. Browse our selection above and get a Santa belt today! 

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